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Amour 81A Gurgaon

Plethora Of Food Options Under One Roof

Good food has an undeniable appeal and an increasing number of commercial projects in the country are experimenting with cuisines and tastes woo the corporate crowd. While corporate spaces are increasingly trying to offer a complete work plus entertainment package to new corporate employees, aesthetically designed food courts are fast becoming one of the most crucial elements of the experience.

The food court at Amour Developers boasts of bringing together the ideal mix of International & Local cuisines after a thorough market research. The venue caters to the culinary tastes of varied palates and offers a plethora of food options to select from. Not only does it help the employees unwind and relax after a long day at work, it ensures that the quality of food offered is good enough to maintain the average health of every member.

Amour 81A Project

81A Venue food court was conceived with an idea that it would eventually become one stop destination for all gastronomies where one can savour an unhurried sit-down meal, with friends and family. After a tiring work day in office, one can just drop into the food court at 81A Venue and spend some relaxed time along with enjoying a delectable meal, that too at a cheaper cost than the neighbouring expensive fine dining restaurants. While designing, it was made sure to have the right mix, covering global cuisines to have an upper hand of devouring different cuisines under one roof. 

The synergy in Food Court at Amour Gurgaon Project provides add-on advantage to the neighbouring corporate spaces and vice versa. The concept behind the food zone was to complement the office spaces for dining options and a format which is accessible, convenient and a stress buster.  

Amour developers are a team, focused to create user specific and customer-centric designs using global architectural techniques and construction skills.  Focussed on delivering the best residential and corporate projects, Amour developers have a strong philosophy base and principles which ensure, best quality, commitment and transparency. Crafting architectural marvels and ensuring customer satisfactions are their primary motto. Their upcoming project 81A venue is designed for the next generation demand and meets the highest international standards of excellence in commercial development!

Amour 81A Project | Amour 81A Gurgaon | Sector 81A Commercial Project

Amour 81A Gurgaon

Strategically Located Business Destination

Welcome to Amour Gurgaon Project, the most strategically located business destination in Gurgaon or gurugram, the millenium city’. Nestled in the one of the most growing cities of the country, this property is approximately 4.3kms away from the Dwarka Expressway; and approximately 1.8kms from the National highway NH8.  This sprawling property is located within a heartbeat of the city and within a breathing distance from Delhi.

81A Venue is designed to captivate your senses with its wonderful blend of contemporary design and opulence. By offering small retail spaces, co-working spaces, corporate spaces, food courts and the infrastructure of a much needed township, Amour 81A Gurgaon is sure to rule the hearts of people coming to Gurgaon for work. It is definitely destined to be the setting where the next business empires shall be created.

Spread across 2 Acres of prime location, the design is promising enough and is sure to meet the demands of the international standards of excellence in commercial development.  81A Venue is guaranteed to be the best destination for corporate spaces and leading a perfect professional lifestyle. It is a known fact that we spend our most of our time in our workplaces, meeting deadlines and stressing over the never-ending work, but we all have certain expectations from the place where we work, and where we spend most of our days. 81A Venue is an answer to your expectations!

Amour developers are renowned to have used genius architectural tools and construction skills to create globally famous customer-centric and user friendly designs. Crafting architectural marvels and ensuring customer satisfactions are their primary motto. Amour developers believe that architecture is a visual art of and with their upcoming project; they intend to bring the experience of best international facilities, and world class amenities with state-of-art technology, very close to you.  They’re a team of dreamers, thinkers and visualizers and never fail in placing the customers at the top-most pedestal.

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